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Bank Sea Bass, Black Sea Bass, Rock Sea Bass

Sea Bass Fishing Information

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The Sea Basses and Groupers (Serranidae): The Serranidae Family is very large in size and includes Bacalasos, Basslets, Cabrillas, Camolillos, Coneys, Grasbys, Groupers, Hamlets, Hinds, Leather Basses, Reef Basses, Sand Perches, Sea Basses, Serranos, Soapfishes, Splittail Bases and Threadfin Basses. There are approximately 450 global members of this family from 68 genera of which species from 14 genera are found in Mexican waters. Of these 38 individual members live in the Sea of Cortez. They range in size from the colossal (approaching 9-feet in length and 900 pounds) to tiny fishes of less than 2 inches in length.

All species have “bass-like appearances” and due to the considerable diversity and habits amongst the individual members it is difficult to provide detailed family characteristics. However, they all have compressed robust bodies, one dorsal fin, large mouths with more than one row of teeth with the rear bone of the upper jaw being fully exposed on the cheek when the mouth is closed, and a lateral line that extends into the tail base. The gill covers are characteristic being serrated and have three spines. Their bodies are covered with small rough scales. Most of the members of this family are bottom dwellers and found in and around rocky reef structures; they are voracious predators feeding on fishes and crustaceans. The larger members of the family are considered to be excellent food substance.

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